Build Your High Performance Team

We help founders and their teams achieve more than they ever thought possible.

When your team is not at its best, you’re at serious risk of missing critical opportunities and losing market share.

In an ever-changing business world, your team can seize new opportunities and excel together.

The Benefits Of A High Performance Team Are Irreplaceable


Unite Around A Vision

Get your team on the same page, and get ready for growth


Execute With Excellence

Stay focused and disciplined as you turn strategy into achievement


Get Results Together

Grow as one team and achieve expanded business success


As a leader, you deserve a team that works hard to make it reality

You’ve got the vision, now it’s time to get performance. Your team needs a plan of action in order to succeed. We offer custom-designed workshops that will help your team stay focused on execution and achieve results.

In just two days, your people will learn the skills and tools in how to become a high-performing team.

You Need A System In Place To Achieve Results

Watch this video to learn how our system has transformed how teams work together, strategize, and deliver outstanding results.

Chad Gibson helps fast-growing companies turn their staff into a high performance team

Chad Gibson is the Founder of the PerformPlan system. After years of working with teams from all around the world, he noticed the common characteristics that drove the best, most high performing teams.

Chad developed the “High Performance Teams” workshop to train teams like yours with the best tools and skills required to scale a business in today’s world.

Chad would like to personally facilitate a workshop in partnership with you, as the business leader, to help grow your team and achieve results.

Chad Gibson

"Chad's facilitation was flawless. He quickly became a trusted advisor for my whole leadership group. We now have a clear roadmap and the team buy-in, for scaling-up at the speed we require."

- David Strebinger, CEO, PayWith Worldwide

Imagine If Your Team Had Clarity On These Essentials Of High Performing Teams...


Accountability - Who is needed where and when?


Measurement - How will we know we are on track?


Calibrating - How do we fine tune to hit our destination?


Vision - What is our destination?


Strategy - What is the route we are choosing to take?


Priority Actions - What is the work to do to get us there?


It’s challenging to be the leader and bear the burden of your team’s success

That’s why we work with you to implement these six strategic elements so that you as a team can work together to define your clear destination and your best path forward for results.

The PerformPlan System is a proven, practical approach that works for scaleup and entrepreneurial teams.

Here’s our simple process to create a high performing team using our system:


Schedule a Call


Work through the material as a team


Inspire your team and get more done

We will listen to what you’re working through and help you figure out the next, best steps.

Learn to create and execute a collaboration strategy with your team.

Watch your team leverage the tools and training to do more than you ever thought possible.

Take Your Team From Lagging To Thriving

Imagine how great it would feel if you realized one day that your team was solving problems and getting so much done without you having to be directly involved.